Thanks for Making Me Defend Sarah Palin

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2015-01-06 – You kneejerk liberals are a pain in the . . . okole?

Yes, the word is “okole.” I never heard the word before, but apparently Sarah Palin picked it up when she was a kid and bouncing from college to college. It seems she spent a couple of terms in a couple of colleges in Hawaii. It was there that she learned that locals use the word okole to mean “butt.”

Palin wants you to kiss her okole. And I think you ought to do it on this one.

I mean: c’mon! Where do you get off coming down on her for letting her six-year old step on his dog to reach the sink? Do you folks have children? Do you have dogs? What is wrong with this?

Okay. PETA grumbles about it. I get that. PETA wanted some publicity. And they’re getting it. I’m seeing a rash of “who is Sarah Palin’s latest enemy” stories.

But PETA clearly doesn’t care if SOME people step on dogs. They made one dog-step enabler (Ellen DeGeneres) their woman of the year in 2009—the year Sarah Palin’s dog-stepper Trig was born. And why not? Dogs are part of the family. Good grief! My kids stepped on me to reach things when they were that age! It’s not abuse. And it’s definitely not abuse when done by Sarah Palin and cute when done by Ellen DeGeneres. It’s normal.

But you don’t recognize normal when normalcy is committed by the enemy. So you came down on Palin and gave her a new platform for . . . whatever it is she does.

Consequently, I am forced to defend her. Even worse, I think she was actually funny in her response, saying: “At least Trig didn’t eat the dog”—a reference to President Obama’s memoir Dreams from My Father, in which he admitted to eating dog when he was a child in Indonesia.

I’m laughing my okole off.

It doesn’t mean I don’t like President Obama anymore. It doesn’t mean that I like Sarah Palin. It’s just funny.

And you attack her Downs son? Didn’t you folks just have a conniption when Fox reamed Obama’s daughters for rolling their eyes at the Thanksgiving ceremony where their father pardoned a turkey? Where was PETA then?

You kneejerk liberals just can’t be objective. You’re like the Republican hordes who voted 50 times (or whatever number) to repeal the Affordable Care Act because it was called Obamacare, not Romneycare. It was the same damn plan! They just couldn’t support something sponsored by the other guy and they got insane about it. It’s all about whose team a person is on, not about the issues.

Sarah’s on the other team, so she can’t do anything right. Ellen’s on our team, so . . .

. . . well, liberals have trouble with folks on our team as well. But that will have to be the subject of another post. For now, let’s just say, “Bad dog, Sarah. Good dog, Ellen.”

Okole, dokole?

(Can we now go back to ignoring Sarah Palin?)

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