Do Clothes Make the Man?


2014-12-18 – I read an account recently about a nudist colony. Do they call them colonies? Seems awfully colonial to me.

I wish I could give you a link. It was some Twitter thing and I read it on my phone. It wasn’t till later that I thought I might write about it. But don’t worry. There were no pictures. Nudists don’t do that. I’ve read about them before. The story’s always the same. They are very prudish. It’s almost like they believe that taking your clothes off removes all sexual interest.

And they have rules to make sure that’s true. They restrict attendance by unaccompanied males. If a guy gets an erection, he’s supposed to cover it up with a towel or jump into the pool or stick it in a pencil sharpener.

Remember pencil sharpeners? The old ones (from my day) used accommodate pencils of different diameters. There was a dial you rotated . . . but I digress. Where was I?

Oh, yes. These nudists are very prudish. Most accounts I’ve read talk about all the gardening, and fixing up, and shopping that goes on once you get over the fact that you are naked.

Nudists actually make me think of fundamentalists (of whatever religion) who dress in various manner of strange garb for the purpose of modesty. Like nudists, they ascribe great power to clothes. What you wear, they say, has a great influence on your sexual thoughts. The modesty folks think that lots of clothes will suppress sexual thoughts. The nudists seem to think that going without clothes will have the same effect.

Neither seems to have had much success. Probably because naughty thoughts are a product of your brain, not your skin.

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