Better Not Kill Those Wolves and Cougars


2014-12-04 — A recent scientific study has revealed that each time a wolf is killed, sheep deaths go up. Yes. It’s not what you would expect. You’d think that thinning the herd of wolves would protect our fuzzy little sheep. In fact the opposite happens. The more wolves that die, the more sheep die. An earlier study indicates that the same thing happens when you kill cougars.

It seems that, when you kill one of these predators, the social structure of the pack is disrupted. Juveniles go bonkers and the sheep pay the price. It seems that it is easier to prey on sheep than deer and elk—at least in the short term. Alphas know, however, that there is a price to pay when you start licking your chops for lamb chops and they control the pack. Kill the alphas and the juveniles take over.

Do you think the same thing might happen with human populations?

Get rid of the Shah and you get the Ayatollah. Kill Osama and you get Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. You get the picture. Someone should do a study. Even in politics you see it. The old leaders lose their grip and the young radicals have to learn the old lesson again—the hard way. And the weak pay the price. The weak are easy to prey on. But sooner or later, there’s a price to pay.

* * *

Lamb chops are really tasty, don’t you think?

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