Who Are the Aliens in the USofA?


2014-11-25—Are immigrants who gave everything to come to America, against all odd, alien? Or are the haters who would secede from America the real aliens? Just asking.

The answer is that neither is alien.

The haters sneer at liberals for being too European. But Europe is the place for ethnic nations. France is for the French. Germany is for the Germans. Italy is for the Italians. England is for the English. Spain is for the Spanish.

But America is for immigrants. We are so much a nation of immigrants that we shut the door to the real natives. Door shutting is American, too.

I’m not saying that I approve of door shutting. And I’m not calling door shutters aliens. What I am doing is pointing out that neither immigrants nor immigrant haters are on solid ground. I personally think it is easier to drum up hatred against the “alien hordes,” than try to solve real problems in the country.

There are folks in this country who are happy to have an undocumented minority that they can exploit. The same folks are happy to have the debate be about the sins of the exploited rather than the sins of the exploiters.

And, of course, being an exploiter isn’t alien either. These guys are secessionists, too. Only they’re not waiting for any political movement. They take and take and take their money and run.

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