Gapers’ Block at the Ebola Hospital

Blue_Passenger train_2012-08-26

2014-10-16 – You can tell a gapers’ block on the highway. The accident is on the other side and yet cars are backed up for miles.

People love to stare at other people’s misfortune, especially when there’s a good story to go with it. And what could be a better story than the three cases of Ebola at a hospital in Dallas. A dread disease that the Republican right can blame on President Obama. It’s especially lovely because he had nothing to do with creating the illness and has only limited power as president to affect its course.

Lack of power to make a difference, of course, doesn’t prevent people from trying. Think about the trillions spent to protect the United States from terrorists since 9/11 and how little we have to show for it. Millions of us wait in lines daily while a whole new industry grew up to scan us and our luggage. We’ve fought wars. And the risk is the same. Next we’re going to have to wear hazmat suits before we hop on a plane.

Talk about gapers’ block.

This risk, of course, is so tiny you need to view it under a microscope. If you are not treating an Ebola victim or having sex with them while they burn from fever, you’re not going to get it. Worry about getting the flu . . . or getting hit by a car!

My guess is that the scare will go away on November 5, the day after election day. Then you can start worrying about Benghazi. Again.

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