I Inhaled . . . Coughing Ensued

Green_Bike rack_2012-09-03

2014-07-27 – Unlike our former President, I inhaled.

As an allergic person, who was a teenager in the Sixties, I felt that I understood what President Clinton was talking about when he said that he did not inhale. Grass was in your face. Who didn’t take a joint when it was passed? Some folks made it a habit. Some of us just coughed.

My first time was in Jeff’s camper, which was parked in his driveway in Dayton, Ohio. I don’t remember much. Just the location, the fact that the smoke made me cough, and a funny feeling that was more disorienting than pleasant. The second time was with a group of potheads in Chicago. Same thing. A funny feeling and coughing.

I had had enough. The coughing. Plus the fact that my good friends weren’t into getting high. I had tried it twice and that was it.

Now, many years later, we have the possibility that marijuana could become legal. Would I try it again?

I don’t really respond strongly to substances—not that I’ve had a very large sampling. If the funny feeling I got from weed was a high, I didn’t like it much. I have the same reaction to alcohol. I order a beer, usually, to avoid making an issue with people who think I should have a beer with them. Then I don’t finish it. I’m not big on taking pills—when prescribed. I’m not going to take anything that is not prescribed.

But weed is now baked into things. It’s like a margarita. I like slushies, so I like margaritas. I could do without the tequila, but the cold, sweet liquid is very tasty. I like brownies, too.

Gotta stop now. There’s a yard sale going on and they want my help. Cough. Cough.

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