Immigration Reform—Corporation “Persons” Only Need Apply


2014-06-19—I have advocated, on more than one occasion, that the United State build an immigration fence on the Texas border . . . the north border!

Of course, I’m only joking about that. One of the great things about our country is that we have borders between 50 states without any of the restrictions that apply at national borders. People can move freely from one state to another. This doesn’t mean that the borders don’t have meaning. Different laws apply in different states and the governments of one state have limited ability to follow you into another state. Different states have rivalries with one another. But we keep the borders open. It’s good for business.

National borders are different. But should they be?

When it comes to national borders we have different standards for people and for corporations (who are also people, we are told).

Natural people are barred from entering this country without going through a fairly arduous process to be approved. If you come without following the procedure, you are called illegal and deported if they catch you. We’re told that this is to protect American jobs. I don’t really think this is true. But that is what we are told.

Unnatural corporate people don’t face these barriers. They move in and out of this country like they are moving from Kansas to Nebraska. When they move out of this country, they take jobs with them. That is free enterprise.

Which cross-border activity do you think hurts this country the most?

Which cross-border activity do you associate with the Democratic Party? Which with the GOP?

Now, I am not advocating that we close the borders to corporate movement. But when we debate immigration policy, we should realize that there is one standard for people-people (who are mostly poor and foreign) and another standard for corporation-people (who are mostly rich and colorless).

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