What Is the Purpose of a Dog?

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2014-06-10 – What is the purpose of a dog? It depends on who you ask.

If you ask a dog lover, the answer might be companionship. If you ask a person like me, the answer might be annoyance. If you ask the dog, the answer might be . . .


Of course, the dog’s answer is right. Our philosophical minds imagine that we each have a purpose. The greater the better. It gives us a reason to live. My niece Valarie believes purpose is essential to a happy dog. When we ask her about our dog Lefty, she says, “he needs a job.”

The problem with purpose is that purpose is exterior. When we are looking for purpose, we are looking for something exterior to drag the greatness out of us. But listen to that phrase: “drag the greatness out of us.” The greatness is already in us, or not. It’s up to us to give it shape. No one is going to drag it out of us.

Now, I don’t mean that outside factors don’t influence us. I just mean that if you are looking for your life’s motivation, you need to look inside, not outside.

Dogs already know this. That’s how they’ve figured out how to get people to feed them and let them sleep 20 hours a day.


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