Opening of the Door

Blue_Passenger train_2012-08-26


2014-04-17 – After the meal in the Passover Seder, Jews around the world open their doors to greet the prophet Elijah. This is the part of the Seder where we switch from the history lesson to give voice to our hope for a messianic future. We fill a glass for Elijah and invite him into our homes. Problem is: he never shows up.

The real problem, of course, is that we are looking on the wrong side of the door. Redemption is not going to come from the outside. The question is only whether it will come from the inside.

In some homes the door is opened twice during a Seder: once at the end to greet Elijah and once at the beginning to invite all those who are hungry to join us in our celebration. While Elijah never shows up, you can always find someone who is in need to join you. It is the invitation to the needy that will lead to redemption.

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