Memo to a Red State

Blue_Rogers swings_2011-11-06

2014-02-27 – With Texas becoming the latest state to have its ban on gay marriage declared unconstitutional, it might be time to step back and notice a trend.

The trend is this: these rulings are happening in states that have enacted bans on gay marriage. No ban, no ruling. It is enactment of exclusionary laws that is unconstitutional.

Get it? You act hateful. The court says no. It’s kinda predictable. It makes me wonder whether you didn’t want this from the get go. It stirs up hate. It creates the kind of false victimhood that you relish.

Frankly, it’s not my preference to have gay marriage come to a state via court ruling—especially to a state that had the votes to enact these ban. My preference is to have gay marriage extended through positive legislative action. That is what happened here in Illinois. Marriage licenses are being issued today in Cook County. This just happened this week. The rest of the state is scheduled to switch over by summer.

So, to my friends in red states, here’s some advice. Don’t make your state the agent for your bigotry. If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t have one. Leave everyone else alone. You say that you believe in divine retribution. Don’t you trust your God to carry through on this threat?

Oh, yeah. He did. Only it’s not gay marriage He’s pissed about. It’s bigotry. And He has a wonderfully ironic way of showing his displeasure.

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