Cold Fingers



2013-01-26 – I am typing now to try to get some circulation back into my fingers. Pat yourself on the back for being my frostbite remedy.

Yes, it snowed again today. We haven’t had one of those big snows, but we’ve had a lot of little snows. I remember a couple of years when the mounds of shoveled snow hit the street from your view if you were standing on the sidewalk. That is not what it is like this year.

This year I’ve been able to drop my health club membership because the snow shoveling is totally regular. Every weekend I’ve had to shovel my walks both days and, in some cases, several times a day. In addition to the weekend shoveling, there have been a couple weekdays as well. It’s been fairly evenly spread out.

I like to shovel. I’m not sure why. Maybe it brings back memories of the first work I ever did for money. When I was a kid, when the snow fell, my buddies and I would be out canvassing the neighborhood for shoveling jobs.

You don’t see that much anymore. Folks either hire Mexicans who come with snow blowers or they have the blowers themselves. And there’s no app for snow shoveling, so the kids don’t know what to do.

If there were a snow shoveling app, what would be the next level once you beat it? This winter, there is no next level. The snow just keeps coming.

I dress pretty warmly when I shovel. I definitely don’t like snow shoveling because of the cold. I hate the cold. But I have great warm clothes. Too warm, in fact. The one thing I haven’t figured out, yet, is the gloves. So my fingers get cold.

Then I have to warm them up by typing.

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