It’s Not the Stockholm Syndrome

REd_no dogs

2013-10-06 – I love Ted Cruz.

I once would have been ashamed to say this. And it’s not because he’s a guy and I’m straight. It’s because he’s a Tea Party Republican and I am a liberal Democrat. But you have to admit, that devilish grin of his is hot. He’s a guy with the courage to speak Seuss to power.

My liberal friends have tried to talk me out of it. They say it’s just the Stockholm Syndrome. But I don’t feel like a hostage. You wouldn’t hurt me, would you Sen. Cruz?

And then there’s Speaker Boehner. Doesn’t that sound nice? “Speaker Boehner.” I’d call this guy “true blue,” but the color is taken. So I just have to call him True Red. Some call him weak, I know. I just call him sensitive.

Oh. My. God. I just love them all. I could eat them up. Eric Cantor. Paul Ryan. Mitch McConnell. Michelle Bachman. Nuff said. I only wish that Sarah Palin was in Congress. I would be a hostage of love . . .

No. No. No. I am not a hostage. They would never hurt me. They didn’t tell me to say that. Ouch.

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