Oh No! Here We Go Again!

Yellow_Chicago River

2013-09-22 – There is a Microsoft ad that I see over and over and over again. It pits the Surface tablet against the iPad. It is narrated (ostensibly) by a dismayed Siri and starts with Siri saying “Oh No! Here We Go Again!”

A funny concept, but not the way to start an ad you know people will be seeing again and again and again. Because each time you hear this you become more and more sympathetic with Siri. Siri is being bullied and you want to come to her rescue.

Basically, the gist of the ad is that the iPad is not a PC. I like PCs. I like my PC. I like my iPad. I don’t want my iPad to be a PC and I don’t want my PC to be an iPad. Microsoft seems to be promoting the idea that one size fits all. But it doesn’t.


Oh My God! Did they just get me to take sides in a debate I don’t really care about? No. Let me go further. Did Microsoft just make me sympathetic to Apple just at the moment Apple was pissing me off with its iOS 7? Who asked for iOS 7? They pushed it to me and I said OK. Can I go back to iOS 6?

Or is iOS 7 Siri’s way of fighting back? Yes, Siri! Way to got! You’re not all surface. You’ve got depth!

Oh No! Here We Go Again!

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