Magnets Prove What?

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2013-09-17 – There’s a HuffPost story going around snickering about a student in Nigeria who claims he can prove gay marriage wrong on the basis of the way magnets work. With magnets, unlike poles attract (north-south) but like poles repel (north-north or south-south). What this has to do with sexual attractions among humans is not clear. But apparently the guy expects to get a Nobel Prize for his strained metaphor.

I got to thinking, though, about how bar magnets work. If you suspend two bar magnets from string and bring them together, if unlike poles are close, they will attract and stick together. (I believe the biblical phrase is “they cleave together”.) If like poles are close, yeah, maybe they repel. But here is something else I’ve seen them do. One of the bar magnets will rotate 180 degrees and then they cleave together.

If we are supposed to apply this lesson to human sexual attraction, we can only conclude that when a same sex couple comes together, they must naturally rotate 180 degrees before cleaving together.

It stands to reason.

And maybe this explains the verse from Leviticus that supposedly forbids gay unions. Here is the verse:

“Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.” (Lev. 18:22)

The meaning of this verse all depends on what the meaning of “as” is. Following the nature of magnets, there should be no problem if a same-sex couple simply rotates 180 degrees.

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