Rat Heaven

Gray_Elevator message_2013-08-13


2013-08-13 – Scientists at the University of Michigan have discovered signs that rats have near-death experiences (NDEs) similar to those reported by humans when the heart stops beating and blood stops flowing to the brain. This brain activity was revealed by tiny rat-electro-encephalograms showing brain activity analogous to consciousness in humans.

Approximately 20 percent of cardiac arrest survivors report NDEs consisting of out-of-body experiences, a sense of being drawn to a light and conversations with loved ones, presumably in heaven. Rat EEGs show activity analogous to those experiences, but unless you are a rat, you could never verify the NDE imagery.

Religious leaders worldwide warn against drawing broad conclusions from the research. “My congregation is now worried about rats in heaven,” said pastor Albert Housman.

“Could it be that NDEs are not portals to heaven? But rather portals to hell?” asks atheist Rodney Ligne, laughing and saying that his faith in god was now restored.

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