Their Side of the Story

Green_wrought iron_2013-08-04


2013-08-04 – They say the chatter is like before 9/11. So we should be worried about an attack.

So what’s the chatter about?

Yeah, I suppose it’s about death to the infidels – which is us. But I’m interested in knowing why. I’m not saying that I would be persuades. I just want to know. Why do they want to kill us? What is their grievance? What are their words? What are they chattering about?

Did someone do them wrong? I don’t think I did. I’m not aware of any contact that I’ve ever had with al Qaeda, so how could I do them wrong? Are we being blamed for someone else’s wrongs? Or are we just pawns? Don’t you think someone should tell us? This is definitely not a plea to support an enemy. This is just a plea to understand what is going on.

Okay. Maybe this time the chatter isn’t about killing infidels? Maybe this time the chatter is false? Maybe this time al Qaeda is targeting the NSA. Maybe al Qaeda wants us to get all worried and then nothing happens. And the NSA’s listening to chatter is discredited.

How are we supposed to understand all this?

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