Driverless Harleys


2013-07-10 – There’s been a lot of news lately about driverless cars. Here’s a video about the Google driverless car. Google’s system has logged hundreds of thousands of miles without an accident. How many human drivers can make the same claim? My wife Kit doesn’t like the idea. But I do. Yeah, I had fun driving when I was a kid but, you know, a person can have too much fun. I’m done with driving. I let Kit drive.

This video was so cool that I thought the idea could be expanded. What do you think of having driverless Harleys? Just think, you might be too tired someday to take your Harley out onto the open road. But now you don’t have to. You can send your Harley out to ride the open road without you! What a way to multitask! You could even take a nap! This video talks about how you can take a nap while you commute.

I’m excited already.

If I could only take a nap. I have insomnia. I’m hoping that someday Google will invent an app that will take the nap for me.

One thing I wonder about, though, is this: if you are in trouble with the law, will you be able to program your car to flee the cops and take all necessary evasive action? While you take a nap?

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