Morsi More Sarah

Blue_car roof_2012-07-30


2013-07-01 – What, if anything, do you know about the protests in Egypt that we see daily? I took a close look at a couple of these stories today and noticed that we are really being told very little about the protest issues. We know that the fight is between the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood and those who (obviously) oppose them. We learned today that the military has stepped in, like an exasperated parent telling his children to settle things right away, or he will settle them.

What exactly needs to be settled? Isn’t that part of the story? All we know is that there are two sides battling things out (and, apparently, a referee)—kinda like a sporting event. We Americans are rooting for the protestors because, Allah forbid, the current government is run by folks who have the word “muslim” in their name. We don’t even know who the other guys are, but if they are against the muslims, they must be our friends. Please don’t tell us that the other side is also muslim.

In other news, Sarah Palin has warned the GOP that she is thinking about starting another party. The Republicans are not anti-Obama enough.

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