Instant Satisfaction Industrial Complex



2013-05-06 – WTF? Did you read about the high school soccer goalie that punched a referee who gave him a yellow card? The ref died. And the goalie’s life, for the foreseeable future, is screwed up.

I’m guessing that the goalie never intended to kill anybody.  But things happen when you let yourself go off like that. Is it me? Or do people these days have worse tempers than they used to? Everyone seems ready to go off. Everyone has a hair trigger.

And usually it’s a kind of murder-suicide. In this case, it’s just murder, but there is a suicide component to it. This kid is not going to walk free. So what did he accomplish?

I’d like to know where it’s all coming from. Is it the media? Video games? Is this some new sort of entitlement? Instant Satisfaction? You’re inconvenienced or insulted or even treated unfairly and BAM, you blow the offender away.

With the emphasis on BAM.

Well, I’ve had enough! I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to . . .


Almost went off, there. I guess we all have a tinge of entitlement. It’s probably time for the country to take a huge chill pill.

And maybe we ought to look into the Instant Satisfaction Industrial Complex. That would include the gun lobby, Hollywood (you never thought these two would be on the same side), public lotteries, Wall Street, and . . .



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