Sexy Pink

Red_Wonder bread_2012-07-31

2013-04-21 – We’re coming to the end of our home remodeling. I hope. Our house is built in the Chicago Georgian style. On the east side, running from front to back, we have a large living room, then a dining room, then a den, which exits onto a deck. On the west side, we have the front entrance, with stairways going up and down, a half bath, and a large kitchen. The kitchen is under construction.

When we first moved into the house, the walls were painted dreary colors or covered with pealing wallpaper. The ceilings were painted brown. It was dark. So we painted everything white. After a few years we shifted to bright colors. In the current project we are revitalizing the bright colors: yellow in the living room, blue and green in the dining room, and it is all tied together with a reddish trim. Colors have not been selected for the kitchen. The den is paneled.

That leaves the entryway. Lighting in the entry is a little dark. We currently have solid doors at either end of the hall. These will be replaced with doors with glass to improve the light. I have been campaigning to get the entry painted with a warm color: a kind of light cranberry shade. The name on the paint sample is Sexy Pink.

My wife Kit doesn’t like the idea. Neither does her sister. I told them to ignore the name. We could call it light cranberry. But they won’t have any part of it. Kit has countered my suggestion by proposing that we paint the room Warm Terra Cotta. It’s a warm color, she says. Also in the mix are some sort of lavender and a kind of adobe. In some ways, the adobe would be nice as the wall has an arched pass-through that seems to fit with the adobe idea. But I still like Sexy Pink.

Guys should never get into picking colors. On my job, I learned this early on. At first, I would participate in selecting colors for the covers of books we publish, but I gave that idea up years ago. The problem isn’t that women are better choosing colors. The problem is the names that are given to the colors.

I recently had my eyes tested and my ability to discriminate colors (without names) is above the 90th percentile. But when it comes to naming colors, I’m pretty much limited to the Crayola eight. If you didn’t show me the paint samples, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea what is meant by Sexy Pink or Warm Terra Cotta.

In fact, I usually don’t even like pink. It’s not in the Crayola eight. But Sexy Pink is an exception. It really seems to fit with the other colors we have in the house. I would probably do better if I called it red.

In the end, Kit will decide. I’m guessing she won’t choose the lavender or a green. Maybe it will be the adobe or the Warm Terra Cotta or something along those lines. And I probably won’t know the name. Nor will I care.

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