A Walk in the Park

Green_Soccer kids_2013-03-08

2013-03-08 – My wife couldn’t pick me up from the train today.

I’ve been threatening to walk to and from the train for a while. I always used to do it, no matter the weather – except for drenching downpours. But after my vacation in December, I didn’t resume my daily walks. It’s a mile and a half each way. Good exercise.

Around the first of the year, I had my first cold in a while. So I wasn’t feeling that great. And Kit had just started early morning yoga and offered to drop me at the train station on her way. I accepted the offer and then continued riding with her to this week. Even though my cold got better. It’s like there is only a certain amount of exercise in the world for her and me.

If she starts exercising then I have to stop.

But, of course, that is ridiculous. We can both exercise. We can even do it together. Last summer and fall, we went on six-mile walks together several times a week.

So, the winter is now past (not that it made any difference in previous years) and it is time for me to get walking again. My plan was to start when I get home from the business trip I have scheduled for next week.

But I got an early start.

Kit’s sister needed Kit to drive her to the doctor today and so she wasn’t able to pick me up from the train. The weather is warming, though there is still snow on the ground (it’s melting). So I took a nice walk home. Part of the way I walked with a train buddy. The rest of the way I took an opportunity to take some last photos of winter scenes and a dramatic sunset.

* * *

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