Cracked Ice


2013-01-28 – Today I’m in La Crosse, WI on business. Long day. Still working even in the hotel.

I look out the window at the Mississippi River. It is largely covered by ice. But the ice is cracked and moving with areas of open water. The sky is gray and mist rises from the river in the distance. The streets still have a thin coat of ice from yesterday’s ice storm, but the temperature is above freezing and the ice is melting. It should be gone tomorrow.

Folks coming to meetings here yesterday by car had a hard time, but I came by train. The train was unimpeded. We looked out the train window at the gloom. That’s all. Inside the train was like every trip to La Crosse. Roomy but uncomfortable seats. Junk food in the café car. My trip is too short for the dining car or an overnight in the roomette.

Meetings here are good, but I’d rather be home.

* * *

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One response to “Cracked Ice

  1. Hey, go out, have a drink, pick up a chick, go dancing. Live–that’s the message. Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death. Live! Your Auntie Mame

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