Present at the Dawn

Red_Corona reflects_2012-07-30

2013-01-21 – I am very aware of seasonal changes in the sky. I walk to the train every morning and the first part of my walk goes through a park near my house, and this walk gives me plenty of opportunity. If the sky is clear, in the winter months, I have a great view of the morning stars. This all starts in late August (I’m an early bird) and continues until March (returning again for a few weeks when the time changes).

Once the cold sets in, I start looking for the earliest signs of dawn.

Today is a day off (for Martin Luther King Day), so I was out later than usual walking the dog. The sun was low in the eastern sky. Clouds were patchy. And the slightest bits of snow were falling. Not even flurries. It is very cold today and is forecast to fall to below zero.

Yet, here was the dawn. I won’t be seeing this again in the park for more than a month (except on weekends), but I could start seeing the beginning of the dawn when I get off the train—though the view downtown will be obstructed by buildings.

On the way home, I am already seeing the last rays of the afternoon sun.

* * *

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