Am I Blue!

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2013-01-14 – I’m so depressed.

There was an article today at SciTechDaily reporting on a study that links high consumption of diet pop with an increased risk of depression in older adults. I’m an older adult.

The good news is that I stopped drinking diet pop as my 2013 new year’s resolution. I haven’t had any of the stuff for two weeks, so far. But I was never totally sure why I was abstaining. There is this vague sense that consumption of diet pop as a long-term thing was sabotaging my effort to continue my 2012 weight loss of 30 pounds. But wait! I lost those 30 pounds while completely indulging my artificial-sweet tooth. So I was wavering on my resolve to stick to the no-pop resolution when I read this article!

I’m so depressed.

Today, my office reinstalled the pop machines that were missing for a couple of weeks due to the remodeling of the break areas. And wouldn’t you know it? The machines have my favorite diet pop: Diet Dr. Pepper! What’s a person to do?

Someone needs to do a study on the question of whether there is a correlation between reading science articles and the risk of depression in older adults.

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