Sports And The Left


2013-01-07 – I hadn’t really thought about it, but liberals are anti-sports. Sure, they might sit in front of the tube on game day and try to impress you with their knowledge of that oblate spheroid known as a football. But they sure don’t want their kids playing the game. The guy they admire on the field is the orthopedic surgeon.

Then I read this article, called “In Defense of Sports,” which correctly identifies this liberal bias. Sports are corporate. Furthermore, sports are enjoyed by “the masses.” Although liberals like to talk about exploitation of the masses by the capitalists, they don’t really like the masses.

This has always bothered me. Shouldn’t we have some sort of affection for the folks who are the supposed beneficiaries of our political efforts?

I used to be firmly anti-jock (since the jocks in my high school were firmly anti-me), but I’ve learned a lot since then about sports and about the masses.

First, about sports: sports were very good for my kids and were fun. People who participate in sports learn a lot about both competition and cooperation (also called teamwork). People who participate in sports are healthy. People who participate in sports have fun. Liberals don’t want to have any part of any of this, to which I say: Get a life!

Second, about the masses: I started out in life on the elite track. And I suppose you could say that I am still there. But my first real job was in a labor law firm and I got to meet some real “workers”—you know, the people who liberals say they are for. These workers were very bright, diverse, creative, funny, loving, and responsible people. I know that may be surprising, but it is true. Next, I married a woman whose brothers are all workingmen in the building trades. They too were very bright, diverse, creative, funny, loving, and responsible people. None of these people were “the masses.” They were individuals.

And some of them liked sports.

I’m not saying that conservatives are any better. I’d say that they are worse. Too bad, isn’t it?

* * *

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