Thank God It’s Friday


2012-12-21 – Lots of talk these days about divine retribution, from the various reactions to the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, to the folks who attribute hurricanes to human “depravity,” to today’s long-awaited Mayan destruction of the world. (Spoiler alert: if you are reading this, the world wasn’t destroyed.)

Where do these people come to know the mind of God? This question is considered in the book of Job.

In that story, Job, a righteous man suffers great misfortune (as a kind of wager between God and the Adversary). Job’s so-called friends come to “console” Job but tell him that his suffering must be due to some sin of his.

Sound familiar?

Well God puts an end to that nonsense, telling Job that no one knows the mind of God and chastises the friends for their poor consolations.

So today it’s supposed to be our turn—all of us. According to the Hollywood interpretation of the Mayan calendar (yes, this all was started by a movie).

So pick the perversion you are going to be punished for. Or maybe you’ve been pretty good. He’s makin’ a list, checking it twice, gonna find out . . . oops, that’s Santa.

And Santa’s packing an AK-47. (Just for protection, of course! What were you thinking?)

* * *

UPDATE: The world didn’t end. The snowpocalypse didn’t even hit Chicago. As I look out my window, I’d say we didn’t even have half an inch of snow. It didn’t even stick to the streets and sidewalks. No shoveling! TGIF!

* * *

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