The Establishment Kills

Red_Tree farm_2012-12-10

2012-12-10 – Two follow-ups on yesterday’s post.

The first follow-up is that Pioneer Tree Farm was closed. We drove all the way out there and saw the sign that appears above (thanks to Nat and his new iPhone for the photo). We had a nice day anyway. We went to the chocolate store on 120 as we usually do. After turning away from Pioneer Tree Farm, we GPSed our way to another tree farm and cut a tree. It wasn’t a white pine. Alas. Later in the day we went to the Home Depot and saw they were offering a nicely proportioned white pine for a third of the cost. But we had our tree.

The second follow-up is to report on my continued bible reading. I am now into Acts and finding some heavy criticism of Jews for killing Christ. But I had a thought: Is it really Jews that are the problem? Or is it “the establishment.” Jews just happened to be the establishment in Jerusalem at that time. A critique of the establishment is totally in line with the history of prophets in Israel.

The establishment kills God is an appealing and thought-provoking message. The Jews kill God is obviously offensive to me—since I’m a Jew.

Western civilization took the latter message, unfortunately, turning Jews into the latter-day version of the Amalekites. The Old Testament sanctioned a war of extermination against the nomadic Amalekites. Did the New Testament sanction a war of extermination against the wandering Jew?

Or was it really warning against the complacency of being in the establishment?

One response to “The Establishment Kills

  1. You are so interesting Steve. Pretty funny about the white pine. It was a beauty out there in Home Depot Land wasn’t it. Maybe they can get an easement so the dump next door will be open to all.

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