Billionaires Lose

2012-11-07 – On this day after the fifty-seventh “most cruicial election of our lifetime,” we must be clear about who lost here and who is going to be fighting back.

Some may say that racists were the driving force behind the opposition to President Obama. You can’t imagine that the racists of America are happy with the results of yesterday’s election. But driving force? No.

The losers – the people that Mitt Romney led in the business work, the people that Karl Rove marshaled, the people who Paul Ryan and John Boehner and Mitch McConnell prefer at all cost over the welfare of the nation – are the billionaires.

Look at the dollars. An NBC News report yesterday called out the folks who fueled the Romney campaign. Here are the top five, in order:

  1. Financial services (securities and investments) especially hedge funds and private equity
  2. Gambling industry (mainly one individual: Sheldon Adelson)
  3. Chemicals and related manufacturing (including waste disposal)
  4. Real estate industry (real estate agents, not construction)
  5. Homebuilding (mainly one individual: Bob Perry)

Eighty-five percent of the money went to conservative Super PACs! 

In 2016, the race card will likely be off the table. The voters who saw Obama as foreign will be part of history. The billionaires will still be there.

Think about it.

Barack Obama is a lame duck. We were part of history. My family was in Grant Park for his first election victory four year years ago. My boys cast their first votes for him this year. But it’s now over. Obama will never run for office again.

But the forces that opposed him will move on to the next candidates.

Billionaires lost last night. But they will be back. And it will all start today.

More in this blog in the weeks and months to come.

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