They’re Called Shares!

2012-09-12 – Ayn Rand! It’s time to roll over in your grave. I’m about to give away the dirty little secret of corporate capitalism. It’s all about sharing.

I’m not kidding! A corporation is the most socialist institution on the planet. We don’t call a unit of corporate stock a “share” because it rhymes with “laissez faire.” No! It’s because a group of people have come together to share the profits of their labors together.  Really!

Corporations are not the enemies of the left. They are the left!

Well, okay. Let’s not get carried away. But there is some truth to this idea. Commerce — all that buying and selling of goods and services — depends upon a high degree of cooperation among people. I don’t grow my own food. I don’t make my own clothes. I didn’t build my own house (but I did build the deck). I didn’t manufacture my car or my computer. Other people did those things for me. Many people.

And I create online courses for them. Doesn’t seem like a fair trade, does it?

But it is because we get the advantages of specialization and economies of scale. Not to mention good feelings of not having to shoulder the whole load yourself.

And that’s what corporations do. They pool people’s talents and resources. And they share the results.

Simple as that.

And as complex.

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