Rainbow from the Train

2012-09-05 – Standing in the vestibule of the Amtrak Empire Builder nearing my destination I asked my fellow passengers if they saw the rainbow. “I saw some clouds,” said one. “I think the fall colors are coming out,” said another.

I was planning to write about the Democratic National Convention today. But sometimes you have to just stop. There will be plenty of time for politics. And today I am breaking my rule that my photos have nothing to do with my post. Today I am posting a shot I took out that train window.

I suppose it’s not surprising that others on the train missed the rainbow. I look for rainbows. So I recognize the conditions for one. We were heading west  nearing sunset. We’d been traveling through spotty rain and the clouds were breaking. Sun bathed the fields as we rushed past.

Since we were going west, you had to look back. And there it was. A bright double rainbow. This picture barely captures it and good luck if you can see the second bow.

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