Sports Metaphor


2012-08-22 – I was not an athletic kid, which is too bad. I swam a lot and rode my bike, but not at the level of an athlete. My sons did much better than I did. Nat is a swimmer and a golfer. Cal is on the college soccer team.

It has an effect on your body. We all know that. But it also has an effect on your mind. All sports have the overcoming adversity thing going on. But team sports train you to walk the mental tightrope between competitiveness and cooperation. You compete against the other team, but you cooperate with your teammates. Second by second.

And it is the single issue that lies behind many of the political struggles now raging in this country.

To folks on the right, life is about competition only. To folks on the left, life is about cooperation only. But cooperation and completion each have their place. A team that can do only one of these is a guaranteed loser.

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