Eightoh9 Is Back

2012-08-09 – After four years, Eightoh9 is back!

My original blog started on January 22, 2004, and ran until some unknown date in the middle of 2008. I know the start date because I have archives of the first three years, but a series of events distracted me from my writing in 2008 and during the distractions my hosting service went belly up and the 2008 posts were lost.  This blog will be archived more frequently.

So, what is this blog about? Personal reflections. One day it might be about my family. The next it might be a striking event in the news. Or my opinion on one trend or another. I just finished a masters program in education, so I might have some opinions in that area. But don’t expect a steady diet on that topic. I’ve been known to do extended posts on the meaning of life. Hopefully, done with humor, or irony, or wisdom. Hopefully, what I have to say will be unexpected and fun to read. I’ll want to get you thinking, but in a way that will tickle you and not make your head hurt. On occasion, I may break out into song—maybe more often than I should. Or I’ll write you a limerick. Here’s one from my original blog back in 2004:

Gone cold wind, gone gray sky, gone icicle
Come sunshine, come green leaf, come bicycle.
We’ll go to the seaboard
To set up my keyboard
And play a sad song once or twicicle.

Be sure to talk back to me in the comments. Then I can talk back to you.

A note on the pictures:

Don’t expect the pictures to have anything to do with my text. I can’t say it will never happen, but my plan is to select pictures based on page design only. I have no intention of illustrating my posts. All of the pictures are taken by me, unless I say otherwise at the end of the day’s post.

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